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10 exam tips for top marks in IB Business

The exams are quickly approaching, many students and teachers are wondering "How can I get top marks in IB Business?" While achieving a 7 takes lots of time, effort and dedication, these 10 tips can help push students into the next grade boundary. Over my many years of teaching, these tips for the IB Business exam can really make a difference. Are there other tips or tricks you would add? Let me know in the comments below.

10 tips for the IB Business exam

1. Use your 5 minutes of reading time wisely. Have a plan once you’re finished reading so you can start writing immediately.

2. Timing is extremely important! Make sure you watch the time so that you can finish all of the questions.. 

3. Think about the order you answer questions in Paper 1 and 2 so that you can get the most marks if timing is an issue. 

4. State and outline are very short. Save yourself time here to use elsewhere. 

5. Don’t be nervous if you don’t know or understand a question. Do your best and come back later if you need to. 

10 tips for the IB Business exam

6. Take a side in the conclusion. Don’t say both options are good or both options have drawbacks.  If you don’t take a side, you can’t get top marks. 

7. Show your workings and circle your answers for Paper 2 Section A. Don’t make the examiner wonder which one is the answer!

8. Relate to the case study.  Use specific examples, words from the text, and examples that relate to what is being said. Always do more than you think you have to. 


9. Be confident in yourself and your answers. You have been practicing for two years. You will do great! 

10. Don’t repeat yourself! Don’t write extra just to fill up time and space. Make sure what you are saying has value and is adding new information.

If you would like a handout of these 10 exam tips, click on the link below to download them for FREE!

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