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Controversial opinion on IB Business summer work

There is a topic that's been on my mind lately: summer work for IB Business students. As teachers, we're always looking to find the right balance between academic excellence and student well-being, and this is an area where that balance can really come into play.

In my years of teaching, I've come to realize that our students are under a ton of pressure, especially in programs like the IB. Sure, academic rigor is important, but so is giving our students a chance to breathe, relax, and recharge. As teachers, we like to take a break to recharge and not focus on an endless list of tasks to complete before the end of our break, and I think students should be allowed to do the same thing.

IB Business summer work

The Importance of Summer Break

Summer break is a valuable time for everyone, teachers included, to recharge their batteries, explore their interests, and take a much-needed break from the demands of school. By giving students the freedom to unwind and pursue activities outside of academics, we're not only supporting their mental health but also creating a more well-rounded approach to education.

Benefits of Taking a Break

Studies have shown that taking a break actually boosts cognitive function and memory retention. So, by encouraging our students to take it easy over the summer, we're not just promoting their well-being; we're setting them up for success down the road. Burnout is real, and teaching students how to take a break and disconnect from their work is a vital life skill.

Balancing Needs and Priorities

Not every subject or student can ditch summer work entirely. We've all got different needs and priorities. My students will need to focus on the extended essay as it is due three weeks after returning to school and might have essential work in other subjects. But, in general, I'm all for giving students a break during the holidays. It's about finding that sweet spot where they can learn and relax at the same time. After all, a happy student is a successful one!

Encouraging Rest and Relaxation

So this summer, I don’t have work packets for them to complete, I haven’t set any deadlines for the internal assessment, and we won’t have a test right when the students get back to school. I’m going to encourage my students to relax, spend time with friends and family, pursue their favorite hobby, get bored, and come back recharged for year two of the IB Business course.

Join the Conversation

What do you think about prioritizing rest and not giving homework? Do you do this with your students? Let me know in the comments below.

And with that, this blog is going on summer holiday as well. Check back in late August or September for new and exciting posts about IB Business and new products added to the shop like end of unit projects and starters/bellringers for your students.

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