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Fun activity to review Unit 1: Introduction to Business

Are you looking for a fun way to review for your IB Unit 1? Do you want to make sure your students actually know the content before the exam? As students get older, it is easy to give them free time to study before an exam or load them down with case studies since it is how they will be tested. But I like to take a more fun approach to reviewing the IBDP Unit 1 topics.

Have you heard of the American game show Jeopardy? Contestants have a board full of categories with increasing dollar amounts. The higher the dollar amount the harder the question. Players can choose categories at random and do not need to go in order. The contestant chooses the question they want to answer, and the host/teacher reads out the question. They are required to at least attempt an answer. If it is correct, they got the points, if it is wrong, they lose the points of that question. To make it more fun and interactive in the classroom, other groups have the chance to steal the question. This keeps students listening and focused on the other team’s questions. The same is true for a steal. If they get the answer right, they get the points and it is negative points if they get it wrong.

Here is what the board looks like. It is 100% interactive and clicking on the square takes you to the correct slide. Then, there is a return button to go back to the main page.

In the actual game show, players need to phrase their answer as a question, but I don’t play it that way in the classroom. That makes it too difficult and confusing.

Finally, there is the final jeopardy category. Once all of the questions have been asked, it’s time to move on to the final question. Students bet how much of their money they want to risk on one final question. Every group answers this question at the same time. It adds an element of fun and allows teams to change positions/win in the last moments of the game while adding strategy to the bets.

Here are some sample questions:

1.2 Business entities- What is one benefit and one drawback of a partnership?

1.3 Business objectives- What is the difference between a mission statement and a vision statement?

1.5 Growth and evolution- Explain what diseconomies of scale are and two external factors that cause them.

My students love this game and ask to play it all of the time. If you want to play this game with your students, you can buy it here.

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